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Why are Salon Master water heaters electric & not gas?

The answer to this question is simple - The hairdressing industry totally relies on the constant supply of hot water, and the fastest way of heating water is "Direct" with the immersion heater immersed in "Direct" contact with the water, whereas, Gas is "In-direct" ie outside the water and therfore much slower, which for todays busy salon is of no use. A basic form of answering this question is that you can heat up 6 kettles of hot water by electricity by the time a gas stove heats the same amount, and because our units have "Special Design" low density Titanium Commercial immersion heaters that are designed to work with electricity,this makes them extremely effective and highly efficient.

How efficient is your water heater ?
Salon Master water heaters are extremely efficient, Not only are they extremely well made to British standards, the owner has the choice of switching on 1, 2 or all 3 heating elements dependant on how busy the business is, So when not busy, just work with one heating element, if you need a boost for a busy hour or two, then switch on the middle element for that period only, then switch off, and thats without even using the superboost at the top, Everyone comments on how efficient our products are - remember you are in complete control.

How long do your water heaters last ?
This can vary on your location in the country, and will depend on the type of water in your area, ie hard or soft water. For example in London the water is hard so you are more likely to need a regular de-scale of your unit, In Scotland and the north of England the water is much softer and will not need as much attention. Salon Master systems are extremely robust and very reliable and if looked after and maintained will last for between 20-30 years, We received an order for a replacement immersion heater recently from a client who purchased the second Salon Master unit off the production line that was made in 1992 !

How easy is it to acquire spare parts?
All parts are available and in stock from thermostats, valves, expansion vessels. immersion heaters to a complete new installation kit. If ordered before 1pm, your order will be on a next day service direct to your salon.

Can i upgrade my Salon Master unit if my business expands?
Yes, this is something we do quite often, especially with new salons, as they become more established
over the first 2-3 years,the demand of hot water increases too, and as our units are so well made,
we will buy them back and you just pay the difference on the new model.The installation costs are minimal too,
as all it requires is re-connection, Simple as 123.

The answer here is that it really depends on the amounts of hot water you will use, a Colour specialist
will use 60% more water than a salon that does a very small amount of colour work as the colourist will
usually rinse the hair 4-5 times per client.  The main point here is that with a Salon Master system,
you will always have the option of using one, two or all three heating elements,depending how busy you are,
even with two heating elements on, you will be using less electricity than one wall style shower unit  -
and your Salon Master will supply all other points in the salon at the same time - Now thats what we call efficiency !

How do you size the correct model for a salon?   

In the old days! Say pre 2002, the number of backwash determined what size of model would be applicable,
However, This is no longer the case and of no use whatsoever, Because of the dramatic increase in colour &
technical work now seen in the industry, an increase of some 80%, even a salon with two washpoints could
easiliy use far more water than a salon with six washpoints, If the salon with two backwash did some 80%
colour and the salon with six basins did 30% colour, then there is a massive difference in water consumption
as each colour rinse uses approx 75-85 litres PER CLIENT as opposed to 5-10 litres per client for a quick
standard rinse. So we now ask three simple questions in order to size things correctly, (1)Total number of
stylists on your busiest day, (if a new salon, max no of styling stations) (2) Approx percentage of colour/tech work
involved (nat average is currently 55%) (3) Are there any beauty facilities such as showers etc, and from these answers,
we are able to work out how much water your salon will require in order to operate successfully and we then
add a further 25% for busy periods such as easter & Christmas. We are the ONLY company in the world that has the
experience to be able to do this successfully.




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