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Our very FIRST client

Date: 3/19/2010


pamela Ling

This is Mrs Pamela Ling - Who?  you may ask, Pamela hasnt won any awards, and she does'nt style the hair of the Rich & famous, but she has seen styles & trends come and go as a hairdresser since 1955.

In fact Pamela owns a tiny three section, 2 washpoint salon located in the hills of rural Derbyshire with NO STAFF other than herself to style the hair of her nine clients on a busy day, BUT to us and thousands of owners of small salons like pamela, she's as important as the biggest names in the industry.

Mrs Ling was our very first client way back in 1992 when the Salon Master system was first invented and we are extremely delighted to inform you that pamela is still using that original Salon Master CLASSIC model to this day.

So thankyou Pamela and a big thankyou to the thousands of salon owners like her for choosing our systems and making Salon Master become the most successful salon water heaters in hairdressing & Beauty history.


  • An Outstanding Reputation Built By Outstanding Performance
  • Complete Peace Of Mind From Day One
  • The Only System In The World Specifically Designed For Hairdressing & Beauty - Putting An End To The Salon Hot Water Nightmare Forever…
  • Five Models Designed For Any Size Of Salon
  • Get It Right First Time With Our Free On - Line Sizing Specification
  • Guaranteed Unlimited Hot Water To Washpoints
  • Totally Eliminates Temperature & Pressure Flutuations At The Wash- Points
  • Water Temperature & Pressure Remains The Same No Matter How Wash-points Are In Use
  • Guaranted For 25 Years
  • Will Also Supply Staffroom & Dispensary Basins
  • Can Be Sited Anywhere In Your Salon
  • Complete Aftercare Service
  • Uk & Worldwide Delivery