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Saks order a Salon Master for new Scotland Academy

Date: 3/19/2010



The highly successful Saks chain have recently installed a Salon Master Powerhouse

model for their brand new Flagship "Scotland Academy" in Glasgow.


We wish them all the success for the future and once again we are extremely proud they have

chosen Salon Master as the heart of their new venture








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  • The Only System In The World Specifically Designed For Hairdressing & Beauty - Putting An End To The Salon Hot Water Nightmare Forever…
  • Five Models Designed For Any Size Of Salon
  • Get It Right First Time With Our Free On - Line Sizing Specification
  • Guaranteed Unlimited Hot Water To Washpoints
  • Totally Eliminates Temperature & Pressure Flutuations At The Wash- Points
  • Water Temperature & Pressure Remains The Same No Matter How Wash-points Are In Use
  • Guaranted For 25 Years
  • Will Also Supply Staffroom & Dispensary Basins
  • Can Be Sited Anywhere In Your Salon
  • Complete Aftercare Service
  • Uk & Worldwide Delivery