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Nothing compares to a Salon Master system


Salon Master Installation - Copper PipesWe appreciate that not all salons have the luxury of lots of space,So the Salon Master system has been designed in such a way that it can be installed anywhere within your salon.

Some owners floor site the unit, whilst others prefer to site the unit in a cupboard, roof space or basement, so whatever size of salon you own, you will be able to benefit from a Salon Master system.

An optional space saving wall mount shelf is available for our Classic and Performer models and is the perfect solution for the smaller salon where space saving is a must.
Installation is very simple, all that is required is a mains cold water supply and electrical mains supply, these are then connected to your Salon Master system via the specialist valves that come supplied with the Installation kit and you will be benefiting from a Salon Master system within a short time.

No Gas supply, pumps or header tanks are required

An Installation guide is supplied for your installer


Salon Master Installation - Plumber

Would you ask your plumber to cut your clients hair? 

A couple of salon owners in the past have made the big mistake of taking advice from an installer who is totally inexperienced in the salon industry and we are often asked after just a few days to replace the brand new system that he installed hoping that it would be ok.

We are here to provide advice to salon owners and installers to ensure that YOU have the right model for your business needs and most installers are shocked when we inform them of the extreme volumes of hot water an average high street salon with just 2 washpoints use in just an hour and some salon owners have had enormous problems and expense after taking advice from installers who have mistakingly compared our systems with domestic units that have just one or two standard heating elements and are not aware that the Salon Master is a specialist commercial system specifically designed for proffesional salon business use and very often have no knowledge of how much water is required to operate the smallest of salons and more often than not, are not even sure what a backwash is or how many litres a colour rinse would use!


                                                                                                So please be cautious as mistakes are very costly & damaging.

                                                                                                                   There's only one Salon Master system

                                                                                                                               and we manufacture them.
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  • An Outstanding Reputation Built By Outstanding Performance
  • Complete Peace Of Mind From Day One
  • The Only System In The World Specifically Designed For Hairdressing & Beauty - Putting An End To The Salon Hot Water Nightmare Forever…
  • Five Models Designed For Any Size Of Salon
  • Get It Right First Time With Our Free On - Line Sizing Specification
  • Guaranteed Unlimited Hot Water To Washpoints
  • Totally Eliminates Temperature & Pressure Flutuations At The Wash- Points
  • Water Temperature & Pressure Remains The Same No Matter How Wash-points Are In Use
  • Guaranted For 25 Years
  • Will Also Supply Staffroom & Dispensary Basins
  • Can Be Sited Anywhere In Your Salon
  • Complete Aftercare Service
  • Uk & Worldwide Delivery