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Anti Lime Scale Buster

The Salon Master Anti Limescale BusterSAVE £££'s with the


A great addition and an absolute MUST if your salon is situated in a hard water area.

More than 60% of the UK is affected by hard water - predominantly the central, eastern and southern regions. The south-east is particularly affected by the magnesium and calcium contaminants which cause lime scale deposits when water is heated.

UK Limescale map   
Limescale efficiency loss Chart

The most obvious sign of hard water is the scale that builds up inside your kettle, particularly on the heating element. Your mixertaps & sprayheads will also be dull, stained, or even corroded around the spout. Any surfaces you clean with water will have a dull film on them. And these are just the things you can see!

This important and extremely popular unit will protect your Mixer taps, washing machine, heating elements, in fact everything that uses hot water from limescale build up and can be quickly installed at the same time as your Salon Master system and start reducing limescale build-up immediately as it performs as a filter against scale on the main water supply into your salon, protecting all valves, mixer taps and washing machines.

For a limescale free salon, the Salon Master LIMESCALE BUSTER will prevent your salon pipework becoming like the image on the right here where you can see the serious affects of a badly constricted water pipe.

Hard water over a short period of time eventually becomes scale and therefore adds considerably to the overall costs of using water in your salon, so the savings and benefits of prevention are therefore considerable.

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